Safdarjung Tomb

Safdarjung’s tomb is the last garden tomb of the Mughal era. It is truly one of the most beautiful tourist places in Delhi. If Humayun’s tomb was the first Mughal garden-tomb in Delhi, Safdarjung was the last such. 

Safdarjung Tomb in Delhi is a very good monument. It resembles the TAJ MAHAL of Agra. Its peace, beauty, and the chirping of peacocks fascinate everyone. Touring Safdarjung Tomb during the Delhi tour can be a memorable moment in your life.

Information about Safdarjung Tomb in Delhi

  • Location: Airforce Golf Course, Delhi Race Club, New Delhi, Delhi 110021
  • Timing: 7 AM to 6 PM
  • nearest metro station: Jorbagh Metro Station
  • Famous for: History, Photography & Tourism
  • Entry Fee: ₹ 15 (for Indian) & ₹ 200 (for Foreigner)
  • Photography: Free; ₹ 25 for Video 
  • Visit Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Information about Safdarjung Tomb in Delhi

Safdarjung’s tomb stands in the center of an extensive garden. It is built on the lines of the Mughal Charbagh style. It represents the last phase of the Mughal style of architecture. This Tomb is the last garden mausoleum of the Mughal era. The main building is very beautiful. Its roof has intricate work.

This double storied mausoleum is built of “red sandstone and buff stone” on a raised platform and its dome is made of marble. The monument shows how much the architecture of the Mughal era was advanced. The mausoleum also has a magnificent mosque.

This mausoleum is enclosed with a large garden, divided into squares with tanks and fountains along the central passage. 

History of Safdarjung Tomb in Delhi

Safdarjung Tomb was built in 1754 by his son and Nawab of Awadh, Shauja-ud-Daula. It was constructed by Shauja-ud-daula to keep the remains of his father Safdarjung.

Safdarjung was a powerful minister during the reign of Mughal ruler Muhammad Shah. The mausoleum is called the “last flicker” in the lamp of Mughal architecture.

Places to visit near Safadarjung Tomb

1- Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum: (1.6 km) via Safdarjung Rd

2- Gandhi Smriti: (2.5 km) via Safdarjung Rd and Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Rd

3- Sikander Lodhi’s tomb: (2.9 km) via Safdarjung Rd

4- Lodhi Garden: (3.0 km) via Safdarjung Rd

5- Rashtrapati Bhawan: (3.9 km) via Safdarjung Rd

6- India Gate: (4.3 km) via Akbar Rd

7- Humayun’s Tomb: (5.9 km) via Lodhi Rd

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